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The Board of Directors of Sapphire Bay Condomiums West has spent over $350,000 suing owner George R. Simpson (seven lawsuits from the Board and the lawyers against George R. Simpson). This money has gone into the pockets of dishonest attorneys Andrew Capdeville and Alan Feuerstein.

This amounts to $3,500 from each condo owner.

That $350,000 has gotten the owners of Sapphire Bay Condominiums West -- NOTHING. SBCW has lost the main lawsuit, ruled by summary judgement in favor of owner Simpson with Prejudice, and have canceled two other suits due to mistakes made by the attorneys.

The lawsuit defeat was due to lies by owners, Kerschner, Sokolow, Wood and others, and dishonesty (including perjury) by manager Frank Barry.

There is no hope for getting any of these law fees back, and the legal bills are still rising.


One would think that with this type of failure by attorneys, they would be fired, sued, and disbarred. Keeping them employed is a product of the SBCW mindless Board of Directors, and dishonest manager, Frank Barry.

Why haven't the owners fired and sued the lawyers?

Why haven't the owners fired and sued Frank Barry?

Owner George R. Simpson has filed lawsuits against: (click on links)

Kerschner, Sokolow, and Wood Getting Fleeced by attorney Feuerstein:

Kerschner, Sokolow and Wood are using attorney Feuerstein to defend them in the lawsuit which have been filed against them. As attorney Feuerstein did, and is still doing, in his representation of Sapphire Bay Condominiums West, he is milking these Defendants dry. He files endless frivolous motions, delaying the case and giving him tens of thousands of dollars additional in legal fees.

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Randolph Lindsey

North American Alliance for Honest Corporate Management